Installation for administrators

Distribute product updates

To create an update package with Configuration Manager, create an install script as a package.

  1. Download your product update from Autodesk Account.
  2. Create a folder in the shared network location for the update file and install script.
  3. Create a new text file in this folder.
  4. Open the text file and enter the update name followed by the parameters you want to use. For example, the following parameters install an executable AutoCAD update silently, with no user interaction:
    AutoCAD_2019.0.1_Update_64bit.exe /quiet

    This next example shows parameters for a quiet install of the AutoCAD update through an MSP file:

    msiexec /p acad.msp /q
    Note: If you select the Required deployment option, the install script automatically runs and installs the product update on all machines in the selected device collection. If you select Available, the update becomes available in the Configuration Manager on all the clients in the selected device collection.
  5. Using Save As, select all files and enter a descriptive filename with a .cmd extension.
  6. Create a package in Configuration Manager.
  7. Enter package information and point to the network folder with the update install script.
  8. Enter this standard program information:
    • Name of the install package
    • Command line. Go to the install folder you created in step 2 and select the .cmd file you created in step 5.
    • Run. Select whether to run the install script as hidden.
    • Program can run. Indicate whether the install script should be run even if the user isn't signed in.
    • Run mode. Select Run With Administrator Rights.
  9. For Requirements, specify whether to run another program first and whether to run the script only on certain platforms.
  10. Confirm your settings and finish.
  11. Distribute the update package.