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What is surveying software?

Surveying (or land surveying) software assists in the process of evaluating a 3D landscape to determine the angles and distances between a series of points. Measuring the positioning of these points is typically used to establish maps and boundaries for buildings and other subterranean civic projects.

What is Surveying Software?

How is surveying software used?

New Mexico DOT bridge with BIM

Survey teams boost productivity by minimizing manual drawing updates

The New Mexico Department of Transportation adopts BIM solutions for the design and construction of a transportation network.

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Improve field layout process for construction

See how Point Layout software is used by various constructional professionals to help improve their field layout process.

BIM increased productivity and accuracy

Worcester Air Conditioning used Point Layout and Fabrication software to generate layouts for ductwork 3 times faster and reduce on-site errors.

Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Collection

Get Revit, AutoCAD, Civil 3D and more. One essential set of BIM tools for civil engineering, infrastructure, and construction.

Autodesk and ESRI

A new collaboration between Autodesk and Esri intends to put GIS and BIM at the center of projects, driving smarter decisions, optimized designs, accelerated project approvals, reduced costs, smarter cities and resilient infrastructure. Building the bridge between GIS and BIM will change the way we plan, design and build our future.

Workflows for surveying

Survey scanner point cloud processing

AutoCAD Civil 3D + InfraWorks

Learn about the workflow of creating a topographic survey model within AutoCAD Civil 3D by using scanner-generated point clouds processed within InfraWorks.

Best practices for using Point Layout

Point Layout + AutoCAD + Revit

Learn how to properly use Point Layout in Revit, AutoCAD, and BIM 360. Discover the proper way to export and import points from survey equipment.

Surveying software resources

Learn more about land surveying software with these tutorials, tips, and guides.