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Construction Apps

Mobile technology is disrupting the construction industry, making it easier for teams to communicate and collaborate.

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What are construction apps?

Construction apps are cloud-based mobile project management tools for construction professionals. These tools help users share and markup 2D and 3D files in the office, or at a jobsite.

Mobile in construction

Construction app integration for improved efficiency

Mobile apps are everywhere these days – including on-the-job. Although apps are relatively new to the construction site, they come ready to work, providing much-needed resources for project teams and work crews. Apple and Google’s respective app stores offer prospective customers access to over hundreds of these pint-sized programs that are free to download for any project.

Mobile technology

Access to data through increased mobility continues improve collaboration in the field. These trends are transforming the way construction project managers build and operate buildings and infrastructure.

Construction in the cloud

Thanks to the explosion of mobile devices the power of Cloud can be used in the field directly. In the 'Internet of Construction Things', cloud technology is used to track assets, and manage people, all onsite.