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Make maps with Autodesk 3D mapping software. Tools for civil engineers, surveyors, and construction professionals.

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3D projection mapping at Ibiza Light Festival

What is 3D projection mapping?

3D mapping technology (also called projection mapping or spatial augmented reality) is a technology used to project a 2D or 3D object onto a display surface through spatial mapping. 3D mapping is often used by advertisers and artists to add dimension, movement, and depth to previously static objects such as buildings or stages.

Image courtesy of Andrei Visuals

3D mapping techniques



Spatial data that is digitized or created in GIS can be converted to CAD data and vice versa which can then be manipulated in Autodesk products.

Drones for 3D mapping


Utilize drones and UAVs to survey and create high-quality 3D models that can be mapped to objections for projection.



Turn photographs into detailed 3D maps, drawings, and models using photogrammetry for precise measurements.

Featured 3D mapping software

Autodesk Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Collection software

Get Revit + AutoCAD + Civil 3D + more—BIM tools for architecture, engineering, and construction

Autodesk AutoCAD

Professional design software for 2D and 3D CAD

Autodesk Revit

BIM software to plan, design, construct, and manage buildings and infrastructure

Autodesk Civil 3D

Civil engineering design and construction documentation

Model-based mapping software with access to CAD and GIS data

How is 3D mapping software used?

AutoCAD shines a light on 3D projection mapping market in Jordan


AutoCAD projects light in Jordan

Andrei Snobar uses AutoCAD for 3D modeling and mapping to create interactive art installations and animated videos that he projects onto buildings.

See what our customers are doing

Laser-based technology captures measurements of huge dam site

Bureau of Reclamation

3D models help protect critical infrastructure

Reality capture and 3D modeling are helping this US government agency protect the Glen Canyon Dam for generations to come.

SCODI 3d project model of highway


Improve road, tunnel and bridge workflows

Chinese engineering firm created visualizations using AutoCAD Civil 3D to communicate its design for a new 69-km highway to government officials.

Construction plans with a tablet device

Autodesk & Esri

A new collaboration between Autodesk and Esri intends to put GIS and BIM at the center of projects, driving smarter decisions, optimized designs, accelerated project approvals, reduced costs, smarter cities, and resilient infrastructure. Building the bridge between GIS and BIM will change the way we plan, design, and build our future

3D mapping resources

Learn more about mapping software with these tutorials, tips, and guides.