Moldflow Communicator

Download a free Moldflow viewer

Moldflow® Communicator software helps improve collaboration with manufacturing personnel, procurement engineers, suppliers, and external customers. The viewer works directly with Moldflow result files so stakeholders can more easily visualize, quantify, and compare simulation results. Whether you design injection molds, manufacture plastic parts, or participate in any other step of the plastic injection molding process(US Site), Moldflow Communicator software enables you to share simulation knowledge with your extended design team and helps to reduce costly design changes and manufacturing defects.

Installation instructions

  1. To install from a downloaded .7z file, extract the contents of the .7z file at your desired location and double-click on the setup.exe executable to start the installation.
    (Note: To extract this file, you will need to install an archiving application such as 7-Zip.)
  2. The Autodesk Installer tool will start by initially displaying the Legal agreement page. Select the appropriate language and review the agreement. Check the "I agree" if the terms are acceptable and click NextNote: If you reject the license agreement, then you cannot install the software.
  3. Choose the install location and click Install.
  4. The Autodesk Installer tool will then display the installation progress and advise you when it has completed.
  5. Click Finish to exit the Autodesk Installation tool.

Example models

The following examples illustrate the benefits of Moldflow Communicator software for visualizing, quantifying, and comparing Moldflow results.

Tutorial files

Please download the files below when going through the Moldflow Communicator tutorials.