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BIM 360 Team is no longer available

As of April 9, 2018, Autodesk will no longer offer new subscriptions to BIM 360™ Team. BIM 360 Team subscribers will have access to the new BIM 360 platform. Existing BIM 360 Team subscribers can continue to renew and use BIM 360 Team in its current form.

Continued support for BIM 360 Team

You can continue to use your current BIM 360 Team subscription—and enjoy uninterrupted access to your services and projects—for as long as you renew. However, we encourage you to take full advantage of your access to the new BIM 360 platform.

Consider moving to BIM 360 Docs

BIM 360 Docs is cloud collaboration software that supports controlled data and document management from design through construction. BIM 360 Docs offers similar functionality to BIM 360 Team but with greater file- and folder-based access and permission controls and unlimited storage.

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Frequently asked questions

Learn more about the changes to BIM 360 Team and our recommended next steps.

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