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Arnold features

  • Speedy rendering

    Optimizations like 2D dithered sampling deliver high-performance results, helping you produce great images.

  • Streamlined controls

    Get great-looking results quickly, even on the most complex scenes.

  • Memory-efficient

    Render your most demanding shots with highly optimized data structures.

  • Scalable

    Arnold is carefully multithreaded and allows for optimal use of available CPU threads. Get even better performance with hyperthreading.

What's new

  • Adaptive sampling

    Access another means of tuning images, allowing you to reduce render times without jeopardizing final image quality.

  • Denoising

    Two denoising solutions give you the flexibility to use much lower-quality sampling settings.

  • Material assignments and overrides

    Operators enable flexible support for open standard frameworks with a new plug-in system API.

  • Toon shader

    Get an advanced Toon shader, part of a nonphotorealistic solution provided in combination with the Contour Filter.

Integrate Arnold into your pipeline

  • Free plug-ins provide a bridge to the Arnold renderer from within many popular 3D applications.
  • Arnold has supported plug-ins available for Maya, Houdini, Cinema 4D, 3ds Max, and Katana.
  • Arnold is fully customizable, with a powerful API to create custom rendering solutions.

See Arnold in action

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. heroics

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Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Vol. 2 © 2017 Marvel Studios. Image courtesy of Framestore.

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Rendering the world of Westworld

Arnold played a key role in Important Looking Pirates's work on the HBO series Westworld, including all the character work.

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Louis Morin, freelance production VFX supervisor, discusses how he used Arnold to help create the visually striking film Arrival.